For Referring Physicians

Some examples of when neuropsychological evaluations can be appropriate and useful include the following:

· Detection of neurologic diseases based on quantitative assessment of neurocognitive abilities (e.g., mild head injury, anoxic injuries, dementia)

· Differential diagnosis between psychogenic and neurogenic syndromes or relative contribution of each factor in producing symptoms.

· Delineation of the neurocognitive effects of CNS disorders

· Neurocognitive monitoring of recovery or progression of CNS disorders

· Assessment of response to treatment such as medication, speech therapy, or other cognitive remediation, shunting, or tumor removal

· Assessment of possible exaggeration of symptoms or frank malingering

· Providing confirmatory evidence of neuropathology in cases of unclear clinical findings or presenting symptoms

· Assessment of neurocognitive functions for the formulation of rehabilitation and/or management strategies among individuals with neurological disorders.

· Competency issues such as driving, work, ability to manage funds, live independently, or to take medications

Referrals can be faxed to 419-475-8810 or telephoned to 419-475-8809.

Please provide patient demographics (including phone number), diagnosis, and reason for referral. Referral information may be left on the voice mail of this private line.

Dr. Simkins-Bullock also accepts patient self-referrals although insurance coverage requires medical necessity